Tillandsias are called ‘Air Plants’ because they are epiphytes, that is they don’t need soil to grow in. or even roots for that matter. They commonly grow on the limbs of trees where their spindly roots are used as grips/anchors, tapping nothing from their hosts.

 Tillandsia enjoy a good misting twice a week or a full submersion for roughly 20-30 minutes once a week. A combination of the two methods work well, mist often, soak every now and again, vice versa. When watering be careful to not trap water in crevices (this will cause the plant to rot), turning the plant upside down and shaking it works to be certain no water has been trapped.

Tillandsia are excellent nutrient seekers, in nature only gathering food from rain, dust, and even bird droppings. In the home Tillandsia responds well to fertilizer every second to third watering. Mixing fertilizer 1/2 – 1/3 strength of ratio listed on the bottle of your preferred fertilizer. If grown indoors your air plant loves bright indirect light, in the window of a south, east, or west facing window is perfect. If grown on the porch outside be sure to protect from afternoon sun and 40 below temps.

If you’re wanting to build a terrarium we solely recommend air plants. Air Plant terrariums are easy to care for using the information above. If a completely sealed terrarium is used once a week the terrarium should be opened and let to air out. Our stock of tillandsia is ever changing and we always have air plant arrangements available for a quick gift or day picker upper.